Return trip


Back where I started
In the frankfurt airport for ten hours, how did I manage that connection both ways? The bus I booked with Aileen (my couchsurfing host) had no translation option. Neither did the driver and some how that worked out smoothly.

I got to the airport at midnight, found an island of chairs (with arm rests :/) occupied by a few backapackers and I laid out on the floor for a while before relocating to the only plug I could find (and that didnt work). I listened to music and danced at a standup table, drawing for hours before moving on. A few rounds of this with a slightly changed environment brought the sun streaming through the window and a slowly moving baggage drop line.

I sit at the gate I flew into in September, listening to the playlist I made last September about (or for) “transitions” which should mean something different to me this time around.

Home, finally almost home.

I’ve made the trip home really long.

Berlin was as cool as everyone said. I find this rare. I saw great street art and did the free walking tour for three hours around the city. I wandered around by foot and metro and healed. When you levee bali, you not only have to pay fifteen dollars but you also, inevitably get sick (or so has been reported)

I took in as much Christmas as I could in Berlin. I went to Christmas markets every day to linger and watch ice skaters and drink hot wine and watch the craze. I sat inside, cozy with a peppermint candle, buried under blankets, and wore big socks and hats and scarves inside. I’m happy for winter and for family so soon!