dragonfly village


Everything is numbered.
That crept up and now every meeting, every dance, every meal may be our last. It’s happy too, only good things coming, but I’ve settled in deep to this place.

I like going to sleep to crickets and barking geckos, waking up to sweeping and to loud, unstoppable roosters. I like when I have to miss yoga because a downpour refuses to let up and the thunder interrupts the conversation at all the right times, when you can’t order half of the juices on the menu because it’s not the season and you can’t get durian because the man who sells it on the side of the road every day didn’t show up today. When the cows and the dogs play outside the window of our kitchen, blenders roaring over Michael Jackson, love frequencies and improv poetry slams.

I like stillness and motion and where they meet. Being in a group and alone and where they meet.

I’m as happy as I’ve ever been when I get to dance in the night and yoga in the morning, eat nourishing food over stimulating conversation, and hydrate with coconuts from up the street, up the sky. Where am I? What life is this? Whose ?

Sundays, everyone comes together. We dance in the daylight, like crazy people, wild & unstoppable. We eat together and go to a drum circle for music, dancing, hoola hoping, acro yoga, bali soccer, and our sacred ice cream. Before we make our separate ways to dragonfly village. A sanctuary in the rice paddies. Cared for by the sauna, the campfire, the pool, hot & delicious tea, and our favorite DJ.

We leave at nine, to sleep to sleep to sleep.

This is a special place.


Dragon fly

I didn’t love ubud until today. Although, at times, a bit extreme…ubud / Bali isn’t about the sites and the cool things to do, the snorkeling, diving, balinese dance shows, the volcano hike at sunrise… The things you hear about… The things you (tourist) should do.

It’s much more personal than that. It’s a lifestyle, a healthy one, one that feels really good and you’re surrounded by other people on this natural high … Almost… To some people health/well being is the raw/vegan restaurants, for other people it’s the yoga, meditation, juice cleanses, water fasts, but pick your poison, it’s all to the same (varying in extremes)end and people feel good and people are nice.

It’s about what your life is in Bali. What routines you fall into, how you spend your time and how you use your body.

The market closes by 7 am, and everyone is in bed before midnight the night before. By ten am, you’ve had a productive day and can rest from the oppressive heat. A motor bike is mandatory to get away from the center and to get lost, you don’t need to go far before you’re welcomed in as a friend, neighbor, relative. Barefoot, watching a foreign pool game drinking tehbotol.

The flexibility to get lost in others plans and cultures is a must while traveling.

I’ve never known a more smiley people than those of Bali.

Coffeen with gede is magic, his English is remarkable and his smile is warm. Bali coffee and conversation, and warm waves as you pass by in busier days.

I’ve never been in a more passionate place and you feel it from the land as much as the people. People are doing what they want and dream, but there are still the same competitions. At home, the status is material wealth, in ubud… Health or spirituality.

Slowly sinking in to life here, “six weeks in Bali”, I’m laughed at by friends.

“I came for four weeks, four years ago”, stepping out of a sauna, refilling on tea, and sitting down by the camp fire next to the rice paddies that dance with fireflies, they smile.