Days off

The weekend has great meaning when it belongs to you, and the week, to someone else.

Today, I feel my best again.
Slept in and wrote. Our neighbor and friend nick played an incredible show last night. A beautiful mix of Indonesian and English, enlightened spirit and inspiring energy. I listened from the floor and soon danced all over the room with everyone visiting. So much awe and wonder in his eyes.

Saturday morning, we got silly directions to a secret beach.

“It’s a right at the petrol station then a left about 200 meters after the road you would take to Alex’s house, then you will see a big baby buddha and turn left, over a bridge, through a traffic light, then turn left and you’re there. Black sand and strong waves.”


Luckily, people are friendly and this place is beautiful.

We stopped for directions and soup in the sun on the road side before carrying on.


Black sand beach to pull from us and resurface.
Healing wounds and offerings scattered across the sand.

Hydration at the local shop brings new friends, two balinese women and two men. So friendly and speaking love words in English, “I love you my darling” ” you like me” and on.

A man, with the traditional head wrap on drinks a huge bintang and pulls out a tiny bottle of green liquid for scratches.

Trust is a strange thing.

We bike for nearly an hour back, in and out and in and out stopping for juices and peace. Just for a second. When did we have friends and life in ubud? And what happens after we say goodbye?

A kirtan concert brings caravans from ubud out to five elements. A cross legged crowd listens, sings with Kevin James and soon, dancing persists in the back with the stomping, romping little boys and the giggling staff on cell phones. The energy is from the group as a whole, and I take space from it, backing out… Just enough.

Sneaking home together, thunder comes from afar and the stars shine above clear skies. Coconuts and dinner, appetizing on chocolate.

Its beautiful here. We are beautiful here.


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