10 days vietnam (last five)

Our last adventure in hanoi was a street food tour which opened me back up to liking the chaotic city. Having context around some of the things you’re seeing, eating, smelling, helps dramatically, not to mention, we were on the tour with two other Michiganders.

We jumped on the overnight train (50usd) to Hoi An the same night and slept on bunks below a Vietnamese couple. The train arrived two hours late to a mess of taxis charging much too much into the city, but we knew what awaited us on the other end… Carolyn’s birthday!

Beautiful and luxurious few days in Hoi An, we tried as much street food as possible, and some tailors, too.

We flew to Ho Chi Minh City for just two nights, which was unfortunate because I really enjoyed what little of the city we saw. the streets and side walks felt wider (you could walk on them) and crossing streets, although still terrifying, felt manageable. Definitely more expensive than anywhere else we’ve been in Vietnam, but I’d definitely come back here.


Fresh beer is harder to find and more expensive, but as the day turns to night, the streets turn into viewings. The small restaurants/beer shops turn out all their tiny plastic chairs to face the crowded streets. Draft beer for 7000 dong (1USD = 20,000 dong) is almost twice as much as in Hoi An, but the spectacle of street life provides unique and consistent entertainment.

I write from the airport, headed to KL Malaysia to see Nitin before heading for 6 weeks to Bali!

20131022-221749.jpg 20131022-221949.jpg 20131022-222011.jpg 20131022-222025.jpg 20131022-222819.jpg 20131022-223015.jpg

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