Paddies and pools

The overnight train really lifted my spirits and as we pulled into DeNang the next afternoon, climbing into an overpriced taxi, snickers and coca cola in hand (?), I’d changed my mind about Vietnam.

Our time in Hoi An was a celebratory one, Carolyn’s birthday! Her family spoiled us for it (THANK YOU Carolyn’s family), and we took a break from the backpacker hostels and stepped into an incredibly luxurious three nights.
Staring out the window of our parked cab, a man comes running out from the hotel to carry in our bags before we can get out of the cab, and we are greeted with welcome drinks and an incredibly friendly and helpful staff. The open air lobby and central outdoor pool lay next door to a vast rice paddy where water buffalo are wandering, grumbling loudly.
Two balconies and two rooms, a laptop, couches, television, black stone bathroom and tub, a fruit basket with dragon fruit, bathrobes! An incredible treat, this was… You know the feeling when you walk in to a hotel you don’t belong in… THAT feeling, i like that feeling.
20131011-223129.jpg 20131011-223139.jpg
We booked dinner at Morning Glory, and although we really tried to dress up and be “ladies”, it’s hard with our extremely limited and dirty clothes selection, or without any makeup at all… but we adapt.
Pigs ear and cabbage salad was delicious with white rose dumplings to start and fish grilled in banana leaves and prawn curry for dinner. (Vegetarian flexibility when I travel).
We attempted some bars afterwards. The street corners are cluttered with groups of young men handing out fliers for their particular bars. All with buy one get one free happy hours and all… more or less empty when you arrive.
We walked home early, to enjoy the temporary luxuries.

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