Cat ba island

Cat ba island is our luxury. Eight dollars a night for two full beds with a top floor view of the harbor. It took some settling in to, but meeting friends quickly helps, not to mention the beaches.

Last night we drank beer by the water and wondered about the floating bars. Four anchored right next to each other with huge phone numbers and huger telephone numbers. They all blasted familiar music redone on keyboards… Strange… And all four remained completely empty for the hours we watched.

The sun is orange and then bright pink as it sets behind the mountains, and the horizon has melted into the haze. Bikes of sorts, own the roads, few cars here.

Pho for breakfast and a beach day. Short walk to empty beaches, and a beautiful resort that pretended not to see us. Warm water and public pajama wearing (matching tops and bottoms!),we drink our first cold draft beer in over a month.

I’ve never seen so many men of all ages in spandex.

Carolyn and I had the pleasure of seeing an Asian man have his photo taken wearing a touristy triangular hat while he hopped into the air, throwing his hands straight up – this morning.

20131004-162531.jpg 20131004-170656.jpg 20131004-170703.jpg 20131004-170709.jpg 20131004-170713.jpg 20131004-171017.jpg 20131004-171022.jpg 20131007-143849.jpg

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