21 nationalities board a boat that’s oversold, people sit on the roof and in the aisles, but they sell beer in the back! Two days on a boat, stopping in a small town for dinner and sleep, we get in early so the tuk tuks can make some extra money.

New language new currency.
8000 kip is one dollar, as if that baht conversion wasn’t enough division, now they let us use hat and kip in one transaction.

Utopia is the bar here but everything closes at 11, at which point everyone goes bowling! Tonight we will see what that entails, but until than, we are staying at a backpacker hostel, meeting lots of travelers and exploring town!

20130930-002624.jpg 20130930-002632.jpg 20130930-002648.jpg 20130930-002637.jpg 20130930-002654.jpg 20130930-002702.jpg 20130930-002711.jpg 20130930-002719.jpg 20130930-002731.jpg 20130930-002738.jpg 20130930-002743.jpg

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