There is no Starbucks in Pai

Today we leave pai and thailand. Headed to the Laos border for a slow boat to Lang Prabang which all sounds beautiful except for the eight hour mini bus ride through the windy, speedy mountains that comes first. We are better prepared, however, having just picked up a pile of motion sickness, 1 baht per pill (30 baht is a dollar).

I’m at the point in this trip that feels like… ” oh, this is my life” and its a good one.

I’ve really enjoyed pai, more than expected. I found the laziness and slow pace, a reminder to take time. The overcast mornings protect us from the intense sun and the on and off rain throughout the day, saturates the lush mountains and small gardens. Western and thai food available on the streets and in small restaurants is good and cheap.

Motorbike filled streets with the occasional cautionary reminder wobbling around on crutches, bandaged from head to toe.

We found some nice places but quickly became regulars. You can lay down and be very comfortable (and barefoot!) in nearly every bar. Many are filled with books, pillows, incense, and live music.

We made friends but all temporary for the natural transience of the town.

Final thai food, massages, and we hope to survive the bus!

– It’s strangely hard for me to right about pai for some reason, leaving will help me think more clearly on it!

20130927-170408.jpg 20130927-170419.jpg 20130927-170414.jpg 20130927-170436.jpg

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