Cooking Thai

We started at a local market. Anything you could want (and much much much more) filled the stalls which filled the aisles. She showed us the difference in rices from sticky to jasmine to black sticky (woah).


Coconut milk and cream. Mature coconuts with the shell are ground up and ground up and ground up.


Fairwell to the market, our guide, Ebee, and the 12 of us drive back through the city and out to their farm. We arrive and are shown around the garden, tasting leaves and bitter eggplants before finding our stations, prepared with ingredients for the first dish.


We put jasmine rice and sticky rice on to cook for awhile. Sticky rice is fun to play with but needs soaking overnight.


The first dish is curry. Options are red, green, and yellow. I picked yellow for the turmeric and cumin addition and added shallots, galangal, kaffir lime rind, garlic, krachai, lemon grass, and coriander. We pounded curry paste for a long time.


Until it looked like this, and set it aside.


Then we transitioned to soup. I made a coconut milk soup with tons of lemongrass, onions, tomato, tofu, as well as hotbchillies, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, chives, galangal, soy sauce, and lime juice!


Adding coconut milk and water to the pot, we chopped up veggies, added basil, tofu, and fish sauce.

20130916-195615.jpg 20130925-075250.jpg

(more ingredients… that’s a LOOOONG pea)


Lunch consisted of jasmine rice and sticky rice, our curry and our soup. So much food/ under the table nap time.


Back to work! Pad thai ingredients, let’s go.


Cooking the tofu, onions, and garlic before adding in the egg, we heated the oil in our mini woks. Added carrots, sprouts, and Chinese leeks before removing from the wok. We then cooked the noodles and added our sauce. Finally, mixing everything together and garnishing with chili, peanuts, and a lime!


Coconut, banana dessert.


Century egg. This egg is fermented in sulfates, ash, clay, quicklime, and rice hulls for a number of weeks, to a number of months.


Mango with sticky rice was a delicious dessert that is pretty self explanatory. We made a coconut milk sauce by adding palm sugar to coconut milk and poured it over our sticky rice. We added a ripe mango and garnished with roasted mung beans. Before driving home – full.


20130916-200445.jpg 20130916-200509.jpg 20130916-200518.jpg

Heading to a farm tomorrow for up to ten days, not sure if I’ll be able to write from there but will see!

Did I mention that I love Chiang Mai?
I love Chiang Mai!


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