How many temples is too many temples?

chiang mai has more than 200 temples! (lots of dragons!) We hardly made it to all of them, but visited a ton today. We went to Wat Prah Singh which was built in 1345 and to an old Burmese temple where we waited out the quick downpour. Lots of dragons, Ganesha’s, and other elephants! I totally caught a monk hanging out on facebook in one of the temples outside the city walls.

The pictures look from different days if we focus on the weather, sunshine to downpour, overcast to blue skies.

20130915-110009.jpg 20130915-110107.jpg 20130915-110113.jpg 20130915-110120.jpg 20130915-110126.jpg 20130915-110139.jpg 20130915-110152.jpg 20130915-110145.jpg 20130915-110200.jpg 20130915-110206.jpg 20130915-110237.jpg 20130915-110252.jpg 20130915-110245.jpg


20130915-110505.jpg 20130915-110512.jpg 20130915-110551.jpg 20130915-110612.jpg 20130915-110627.jpg

Along with exploring temples today, we experienced ourselves an adventurous day of food.

20130915-110817.jpg 20130915-111027.jpg 20130915-111052.jpg 20130915-111127.jpg 20130915-111137.jpg 20130915-111150.jpg

Kao Soi (below) is a must have


Qual eggs

20130915-111337.jpg 20130915-111434.jpg 20130915-111442.jpg 20130915-204059.jpg

20130915-111556.jpg 20130915-111605.jpg
20130915-204121.jpg 20130915-204152.jpg20130915-111614.jpg 20130915-204832.jpg 20130915-204843.jpg 20130915-204855.jpg 20130915-205040.jpg


Sunday market was incredible. Almost no need in visiting the night bazaar with a market like this one in town! Massive, tons of unique products at better prices, and amazing food!

20130915-111728.jpg 20130915-111737.jpg 20130915-111748.jpg 20130915-111758.jpg 20130915-111806.jpg 20130915-111815.jpg 20130915-111842.jpg

One hour foot massages for 200B (about 7 dollars) and delicious burmese salads (recommendation from Chris and Mckenzie – amazing!). We still could not find crickets, but had all sorts of things I don’t know the names of!


20130915-204600.jpg 20130915-204650.jpg 20130915-204700.jpg 20130915-204710.jpg 20130915-204723.jpg 20130915-205204.jpg 20130915-205224.jpg 20130915-205234.jpg 20130915-205246.jpg 20130915-205255.jpg 20130915-205355.jpg

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