Chiang Mai


20130914-210434.jpg 20130914-210511.jpg 20130925-075455.jpg

Chiang Mai’s a big change from Bangkok. Quiet, clean, walkable, and charming to start. I really love this city already. Tons of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and a seemingly young, creative population. It’s amazingly quiet and even the night bazaar seemed subdued and on its best behavior on a saturday night.

We had amazing Indian food and coconut water but couldn’t find success with our search for fried crickets… it continues! We walked all around the outside walls of the city and felt totally welcome before night capping with a bucket of mojito? When there are four straws in a drink you’re sharing with only one other person…you begin to question your sharing skills.

An outside bar area had battling musicians reminding me of a much quieter version of Burning Man with less techno, more American 90’s covers.

Unfortunately, sleep went missing in the night. No AC is mostly responsible and wandering minds of too flexible travelers. We keep trying to nail down some dates and places but there’s an entire new city outside our digital devices to explore!

Tomorrow, a full day cooking class outside the city, and today, we will visit tons of temples. Chiang Mai has tons of temples.

My parents have so instilled in me to be scared of motorbikes that I’m choosing NOT to rent one even though they are so cheap and practical (parents, I hope you’re proud!). The city is walkable and bike-able but still quite large!

Has anyone ever tried Unique Internet? I wonder what that’s like…


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