no smoking in bed

Bangkok chaos. we’d been warned but I’ve never been so disoriented in a city with no glimpse of hope in understanding it.The cleansliness and organization of Bangkok’s subway system impressed us but Tuktuk’s, as in all my experiences with Tuktuks, were exhausting.

20130914-043544.jpg 20130914-043557.jpg 20130914-043611.jpg 20130914-043621.jpg

20130914-045003.jpg 20130914-045014.jpg 20130914-045027.jpg

We stayed (very happily) at the MHC guesthouse. A good sized,air conditioned room with a mini fridge, tv, and private shower! (Okay, so we spoiled ourselves, but it’s a long trip! ) The location was great, super close to the subway station, only a few stops from Nana (Bangkok’s red light district), soi 11 (a great street of bars & clubs), and a beautiful park occupied by tons of runners and walkers. Free coffee and tea, plus a super helpful, friendly staff.


Thai massages: Lucina, soi 26
Be prepared for a full body experience. Full body for everyone involved.
450Bhat (about $15) for a 90 minute full body massage. It was great and strange and felt good and bad. Definitely worth it!


20130914-044218.jpg 20130914-044232.jpg
20130914-044252.jpg 20130914-044306.jpg

Chinatown, stressful.
Chinatown makes me not want to go to China. I’m always in the way, I have no idea what anything is, and it’s hot. I feel bad that i feel this way.

Sky bar: Red Sky
Top floor in the city, beautiful view and fancy prices.


15 hour train to Chang Mai, sleeper, second class. We had the top two bunks over two Belgium kids on a three week venture. Staff walking buy selling beer and hard-core pouting when we declined. Finally granted the time to write, read, and really sleep. I woke up at 5am and went to the restaurant cart where I was clearly unwelcome. Staff just waking up, prepping themselves and food for the day. Windows open, mountains hidden in the mist.

20130914-043309.jpg 20130914-043319.jpg

20130914-045404.jpg 20130914-045414.jpg 20130914-045427.jpg 20130914-045510.jpg

I already love this city. No motorcycles on sidewalks. It’s walkable, laid back, and we are about to eat fried crickets!

Meanwhile, Carolyn cut off my hair, it’s hot here!


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