Alternative Agenda

Late start… and a slow one. We paid for last night’s celebration of sky water and two unadjusted-to-the-time-difference bodies. By noon we were out the door trying to decide what road side breakfast to go for. 25 baht for scrambled eggs and rice, 15 baht for a bag of fresh pineapple and some mystery delicious fruit. (about 30 baht = 1 USD) The next question… where can we eat this? No tables or chairs, no one eating anywhere, but food carts everywhere.

We somehow managed.

The public transportation in Bangkok is awesome. The train, at least, everything else is hard because of traffic and fighting constant rip offs. The train is like Tokyo’s, clean, well behaved, and overall extremely pleasant MINUS the complexity of the Tokyo system. Today, however, we added tutus and the river ferry to the list.

The river ferry was convenient and watery… lots of super fancy hotels. The ones that make you want to make money. Money so that when you decide to stay in a hostel or on a strangers house or on the airport floor, it’s a choice. One I’d still make!

20130912-135803.jpg 20130912-135849.jpg 20130912-135910.jpg

We passed lots of temples and somehow, with saying almost nothing… got set up on strange personal tuktuk tour with a man and two squirrels.

20130912-085725.jpg 20130912-085741.jpg 20130912-091058.jpg 20130912-091123.jpg 20130912-091232.jpg 20130912-091305.jpg

He took us to the big buddha:
(not a real link!)

20130912-141209.jpg 20130912-141229.jpg 20130912-141241.jpg 20130912-141348.jpg 20130912-141319.jpg

and to this place:

20130912-141557.jpg 20130912-141625.jpg 20130912-141656.jpg 20130912-141643.jpg

He made us go into one of those terribly overpriced stores that will pay him in gas for bringing tourists in to the store. The deal is that we have to stay inside for at least five minutes while they aggressively follow you around and tell you to buy. It’s as bad as in India. This was totally a scam and he rerouted our temple visiting pretty quick.

we stopped at the flower market:

20130912-141710.jpg 20130912-142013.jpg 20130912-142022.jpg 20130912-142033.jpg



there is just no getting enough street food


20130912-142514.jpg 20130912-142532.jpg 20130912-142544.jpg 20130912-142558.jpg 20130912-143559.jpg 20130912-143749.jpg

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