“Welcome Home”

The only other place I’ve been “Welcome Home” – ed and had never yet visited… was also a desert.

It starts before you arrive. Organizing the camp, the food, the ice money, the bike tubes, the shade structures, the first aid, the events, the travel. It starts with local events to raise money for the camp. It starts with impossible-to-keep-up-to group emails. And it welcomes you at the terminal, when you realize that this… is a different thing.

Arriving in Reno, we booked it to the Walmart Superstore for a midnight supply run. Bicycle, beef jerky, and extra jackets purchased before checking into our casino/hotel. They let us bring the bike through the casino as long as we carried it instead of rode it through… Reasonable.

Sunday we finished errands and began the 2 1/2 hour drive to Black Rock City. Beautiful desert landscape, tiny towns, massive mountains. Seemingly empty and breathtaking repetition. A scattered line of cars and RV’s soon became tightly packed stop-&-go, and what should be under 3 hours turns into a 7 hour slow adventure. Kids stand at the road looking from horizon to horizon at a line of tourists in cars. Indian taco booths welcome us to the new landscape and we make it in before midnight. Not without some dust-rolling for the virgins in the car. Dusty happened fast.

Tissue and a Plan is the camp, 7:30 and C is our home.



(Photo by Donnie Rex, Check out more photos here)


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