I wonder what it means. (Anyone know?)
Ive dealt with some very friendly staff members since this encounter began, from the center to the attendants and way too many in between.

The plane is huge and clean.The chairs recline a spoiling-amount, and we eat dinner with real, metal silverware! They offer you more drinks before you can ask and baileys after dinner! Passengers are allowed TWO checked bags up to 70LB each! One of the two meal options was a veggie one – they are way ahead of us.

Showing its age, however,are the seat monitors. Can’t someone redesign these already? (UX people – I’m looking at you!)

Look how pretty lufthansa is!


And security here ride bicycles not segways. I think we can all appreciate that.


The althabet just got easier


Tiny changes to fundamentals – love her dress


loooong layovers


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