Day and Night

Finally – some photos!

Below, this year’s temple


A found art installation, evidence of an audience

burningman11 burningman10

Center camp, where I got all inspired and energized by contact improv. I need more of this in my life.burningman9

Mass napping, a favorite part of my burning man


View from the Man

burningman7 burningman6 burningman5 burningman4

Some incredible art installations (from outside)


(from inside)

burningman2 burningman1 day
Nevada drive

Nevada drive

Every time I go to the playa feels like the first time.

The people make up the landscape and constantly wander in and out. The dust on the ground or in the sky transforms the massive sky and the night v. day experience is extreme in it’s differences. Bikes litter the deserted grounds early in the morning, left behind from art car adventures full of sunrise seekers. The sunrise and sunset is celebrated.



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