New Plan

Thanks to BLS – India is out of the question, and they still have my passport! It’s been three unresponsive months of mystery but I’m over it after Carolyn and I crafted a new plan.  (Carolyn – travel buddy for the next 3 months).

Fly to Bangkok Sept 9 and spend a few nights here before heading to Chiang Mai for a work away at Happy Healing Home (perfect).

A two day house boat journey from the boarder of Thailand & Laos to Laung Prabang, a few nights here, then a bus/flight to Hanoi Vietnam (early oct). We work down the Vietnamese coast for around 10 days ending in Ho Chi Ming City where we fly to Kuala Lampar to explore Malaysia with Nittin. Malaysia hop to Indonesia where we celebrate Diwala in Bali before venturing to Nepal for the rest of November.

December means Carolyn and I say goodbye. She heads to Australia and I’ll head to Istanbul, Turkey (these plans are very open since I have no return flight!).

Flight is at 10am monday morning!


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